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Xiao Liuqiu travel- How to get ferry tickets

Xiao Liuqiu is an coral island, and ferry is the only transportation. We highly recommend to take Donggang-to-Liuqiu-line private ferries, the regular ferry service, because ferries dock at the Baisa pier and all transportation vehicles are in here.

Due to inaccessibility to cars/other vehicles and also topographic concerns, most residents use scoter for personal transportation, and a number of scoter rental shops near the ferry pier rent scoter to tourists.
Ferry Schedule http://goo.gl/Y6VOpQ
*Please arrive at the terminal 20 minutes prior to the ferry departure time.

When arriving at Donggang-to-Liuqiu-line ferry service center, please choose the Tungliu Joint Business, which owns five catamarans (Shengshin, G, FeiMa, DunYi, DongSheng, and KwanHuei). The trip takes 20-25minutes.

Tickets can be taken prior to departure at the ticket window of accommodation at all the time (from6:30-16:30). Please tell the ticket service what is your hotel/B&B, who you are, and how many passengers (adults and children). In the meanwhile, please show the IDs for senior, children, or disable for tickets and make sure the numbers of tickets before out leave the counter.

*Reserve your round-trip ticket to guarantee access to Donggang.
*Passengers will be required to purchase new tickets if the tickets are lost. One-way ferry fare is NTD230/per person.
How to get a scooter

杉板灣民宿Shanban Bay Inn】
★service time: 10:00 - 21:00
★official web:http://www.sbbay.com.tw/en
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