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Conference room

Shanban Bay’s conference room is one of the most innovative equipment meeting rooms on the island. The conference room occupies a total of about 50 pings. It can accommodate at least 70-90 people. The meeting room has natural daylight as well as built-in screen, projector and air conditioning. With professional, flexible service, we offer everything required to make your meeting a success.

The meeting room amenities include::

  • Item 1VCD/DVD player
  • Item 2Built-in projector and screen
  • Item 32 wireless microphones and wire microphone
  • ServiceWe do offer the service for ordering desert.

Rental Deal:

  • Option 1 TWD 800/Per hour
  • Option 2 TWD 5000/ Reserved 8 hours
  • *Reservation is required. Please using the online booking form or call +886 8 8613300.

Swimming Pool

Open hours: 16:00-22:00 ; 6:00-8:00
The depth of an adult pool is 90 to 130 cm, and the depth of children pool is 50cm.

Dos and Don’ts in Swimming Pool

  • Item 1For you safety, swimming is only allowed during open hours.
  • Item 2December 1st to February 28th or 29th will be closed.
  • Item 3Only swimwear (suit and cap) allowed.
  • Item 4We do not provide any swimming equipment and gears, please feel free to bring your own personals.

Ocean-view Area

Xiao Liuqiu’s sunset is famous since Qing dynasty. Its stunning sunset is one of the eight Fengshan’s scenes. Many poets and writers applaud its sunset. Shanban Bay Inn is situated at western of Xiao Liuqiu and overlook the Shanfu Pier from the lodging. Therefore, standing on the Shanban Bay Inn makes your horizon wider, and it is the best location of sunset view.




Open Hours: Breakfast 7:00-9:00 / Dinner 18: 00 start


  • Breakfast  (depends on numbers to supply the set meal or buffet):provide breads, Chinese food and local folk traditional cuisine
  • Dinner Set:local folk cuisines, seasonal fruit and soup

BBQ Area

Our grilling menu was created from our own tried and true recipes. We use the fresh produce, meats and seafood throughout out menu. At the grilling place, you can enjoy a gentle breeze, sparkling stars, and pleasant music.


  • Item 1Barbecue after 21:00 are not permitted.
  • Item 2 Grill ingredient is not suited for vegetarians. Vegetarian meals are supplied by set meals.