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Pier Direction

How to go Donggang Pier (Donggang Town in Pingtung County):
By drivingFrom Northern Taiwan to Donggang-Ferry Service Location 
  • Method

    Take Highway(Freeway) 3 South
    Take exit Linpien toward Zongshan Road/ Provincial 17th way (台17線)
    Turn right on to Provincial 17th way (台17線).
    Drive on Provincial 17th way (台17線) (4.9km)
    Continue onto Provincial 17th way (台17線) (Chuántou Road)
    Turn Left on Zhongshan road (Drive about 200 m)
    Arrive destination (Donggang-Xaio Liuqiu Public/Private Ferry Service)on right
  • Method

    Take High 1 south Take Exit at XaioGang International Airport (KHH) and drive on Provincial 17th way. Continue drive on Provincial 17th way toward Donggang Pier Arrived destination on right
  • From

    Take Provincial 17th way (Yan-Hai Road) Continue to drive on Provincial 17th way Drive through LinYan Distract and toward Donggang Drive through Donggang bridge and turn right on GuāngFu Road (2nd traffic light) Continue on GuangFu Road and turn right on zongshan road. Continue on ZongShan Road toward jìnde bridge then turn left before you enter the bridge Drive about 200 meter Arrived destination on right
  • From

    Take County 27th way toward WanDen and WuLong. Continue drive on County 27th way Turn left on County 17th way toward DongGang Drive through DongGang Bridge and turn right on GuangFu Road (2nd traffic light) Drive about 200 m Arrived destination on right
  • Other

    From Southern Taiwan to Donggang-Ferry Service Location (From Kenting or Southern Taiwan) Drive on Provincial 26th way toward FangLaio and Shuide Laio Turn on County 17th way to LinBian and Donggang Arrived destination on right
Zhu Hao Parking Lot
  • Rate

    30 TWD/Hour (incoude less than an hour) 200/ 6 Hours&Up per car 300 TWD/Overnight *prices are subject to change without notice.(please double check with Miss Xu)
  • Notes

    1. All cars have to pick up before noon. 30 TWD/ per hour charge for any car pickup after noon (include less than an hour).
    2.Over 6 hours will be considered as overnight parking.
    3.Please save your receipt as your record. If you lost your receipt, please show us personal ID for verification. Reservation: 0935907662 Miss Xu Inn’s guests can have 20% discount (except for Successive Holidays and Lunar Calendar) Location of parking No.43-1, Xinsheng 2st Rd., Donggang Township (in front of Internal Revenue Service)


  • Sccoter

    人與機車、腳踏車可隨船到小琉球 。
Item Transport Fee


100TWD/ One-way



Mass transit systems
  • Rail

    Taiwan Railway train schedule High-speed rail schedules and fares query
  • Airplane

    Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH): Take Guoguang, Pingtong, Kaohsiung or ZongNan Buses service to DongGang. Walk about 0.5-1 miles to Ferry Pier
    Pintong Airport: Take Pingtong Bus Service to DongGang. Walk about 0.5-1 miles to Ferry Pier
  • Bus

    (Guoguang, Pingtong, Kaohsiung or ZongNan Buses Service) From Kaoshiung Railway Station: Guoguang, Pingtong, Kaohsiung or ZongNan Buses Service Take Kaohsiung←→ Kenting Bus. Stops: Kaohsiung, XaioGang, Linyuán, DongGang. Distance: approximately 60 -90 minutes Arrived DongGang stop. By work to Ferry Pier about 10 minutes.
  • Pingtong
    Bus service

    1. Pingtong←→DongGang . Stops: Pingtong, Gongguan, xīn yuán, wū lónɡ, DongGang.
    2. Arrived DongGang stop. By work to Ferry Pier about 10 mins.

Shuttle Van
  • Contact

    at THSR (Taiwan High Speed Railway) Zuoying Station(左營站) and Kaohsiung Railway station. Please contact shuttle van service personally. Or contact us if you have any questions regarding fares, destinations, service areas etc. We are happy to answer any questions you may have!
        Shuttle Van service contact number:

    Hung De Yong/Cell phone: 0932757108/ Evening Tel: 08-831-0306



THSR →← DongGang Pier

200 TWD/Person

Kaohsiung Railway station (or Kaohsiung Downtown) →← DongGang Pier

150 TWD/Person