How to get a scooter

A scooter is one of the vehicles to travel Lamay island (Xiao Liuqiu). A scooter is shared by 2 people, and it is used 24 hours. Vacation package includes scooter rental, and we can rent it for you. All you need to do to be able to get riding in Taiwan and present your Taiwanese driver’s license or International Driving Permit. If you do not allow riding scooters, please let us know in advance.

Arrived at Baisa Pier, please follow the service holding the sign of Shanban Bay Inn. The rental service leads you to Shanban Bay Inn by riding vehicles (gas or electronic scooters). 

【杉板灣民宿Shanban Bay Inn】

★Service Time: 10:00 - 21:00

★Room Reservation: 08-8613300 or Line(088613300)

★Booking Online:

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